Friday, January 7, 2022

Split Three Ways

"Split Three Ways" is painted on a poured concrete wall of the Loew's Warfield Theatre which opened May 13, 1922. The wall was last painted by Tom Lee in '99, (shout out to you Tom for leaving your mark in the paint). The mural stands 55 feet tall from the roof of the Crazy Horse on Market Street near Taylor St. And it lays 88 feet wide. 
The "Three" of us (Cormac, Caleb, and myself Chad) painted it on two 33 foot swing stages and one 13 foot swing stage that had to be moved towards the end to complete the mural because of a slight bend in the wall. It was operated by a modern day electrical motor attached to the stages but it still felt nostalgic to paint the wall in this way. And instead of those big slop horse hair brushes,  we used rollers and an electric airless paint sprayer.
For now, the wall sits as is, resting behind the Spring-filled trees on Market Street. In the Fall and throughout winter the mural will be revealed to the pedestrians of Market Street. Then when spring comes around again it will go back to being viewed by peaking through the trees filled with leaves, almost forgotten. I love that about this seasonal mural. I will wait patiently to see you every Fall. @cormacculate @luggagestoregallery @c4itwaswritten @thewarfield

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